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Replace the NEST token contract on the Ethereum network with NEST2.0

A Decentralized Martingale Network

Trading with smart contract. No market makers. No LPs.

The superiority of NEST Protocol

Advanced Trading Structures

The system eliminates market markers and LPs via smart contracts and risk sharing to provide traders with practically infinite liquidity.

More Stable Price Oracle

NEST Oracle offers a stable decentralized price stream. Price attacks require 51% of network assets. Open for price offers and verifiers.

Deflationary Economic Model

Users burn $NEST to buy financial assets, including futures, options etc. The $NEST price rises because the $NEST burned exceeds the $NEST generated.

Get Started

NEST Protocol's martingale trading paradigm combines blockchain characteristics to supply traders with unlimited liquidity through risk sharing. The actual implementation is listed below.

NEST Token

$NEST token is the native token of the whole NEST Protocol ecosystem and has been listed on more than 15 exchanges.


NEST Fi is a decentralized perpetual exchange. Trading with smart contract. No market makers. No LPs.

NEST Oracle

NEST Oracle builds a decentralized non-cooperative game network to determine the final price through arbitrage and two-way options. It introduces the random information of decentralized price flow into the chain.

NEST Craft

Like Ethereum virtual machine, NEST Craft uses martingale functions. It will turn NEST Protocol into a chain infrastructure that allows anyone to create more NEST-based apps.

Cyber Ink

Cyber Ink is a collection of 10,000 NFTs on the blockchain. Each NFT can unlock the NEST Fi membership and benefit.

Development path

The NEST community always insists on decentralization and innovation

2018.12 v1.0

Start! A lending protocol goes live.

2019.12 v2.0

NEST Oracle V1.0 goes live.

2020.07 v3.0

NEST Oracle upgraded. Open all oracle tracks and supported all ERC20 Token/ETH price

Over 1 MILLION community members join us


Coinbase Announces planned Listing of Tokens, Adds $NEST to Experimental Asset' Label

Leading United States-based cryptocurrency

July 25,2022

NEST Protocol: A New Paradigm of Game Theoretic Oracle

Blockchain innovation defined the major part of the last decade, with

June 9,2022


Through's NEST Price Page, you can now directly access NEST'S

May 6,2022

Integrations & Partners

Listed on more than 15 exchanges

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