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Replace your NEST 1.0 to NEST 2.0 at a ratio of 1:1

A single address can only submit a request for a replacement token once.


Add NEST1.0 to wallet

NEST1.0 (ETH): 0x04abeda201850ac0124161f037efd70c74ddc74c

Add NEST2.0 to wallet

NEST2.0 (ETH):0xcd6926193308d3B371FdD6A6219067E550000000

The following behaviors will be banned:

1. Purchased NEST 1.0 (ERC20) on DEXs such as Uniswap, 1inch etc. after August 17th(UTC+8).
2. Your address is associated with the hacker's or using the exchanges related to the hacker's address after August 17th(UTC+8).

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