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the martingale function library

NESTCraft, which is a combination of martingales functions
similar to the Ethereum virtual machine,
will greatly broaden the scope of NEST's application,
transforming it into a chain infrastructure that will enable anyone
to create more NEST-based applications.

Schematic of NESTCraft

When NEST gains more liquidity, we can use the NEST/USD oracle to convert the underlying assets of the transaction from X NESTs to X USD of NESTs, which will meet the needs of many attempts to establish hedging positions based on the fiat currency standard.

NESTCraft Mechanism Whitepaper


A given random information flow can be transformed by various functions to obtain a series of martingales, which can be used for the NEST martingale transactions. NESTcraft can continue to expand the basic function library accordingto the needs of the on chain world, thereby improving the application range of the NEST. This is a basic feature of the NEST’s greater scalability

  • Decentralized exchange

    derivatives exchanges need to solve technical support, asset custody , liquidity support and marketing. use the NEST protoco, you only need to focus on marketing.

  • Metaverse and GameFi

    NEST provides a series of martingale functions, such fair games around deterministic mathematical relations, probability relations, and random processes can be developed by calling the NEST functions, so as to realize the unified value measurement of different games.

  • Lottery, prop synthesis, etc

    Some basic designs based on randomness can be realized with only some distribution functions.

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