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NEST Oracle
The Truly Decentralized Oracle

Unlike the price generated by Price Feed in the market,
it constructs a decentralized non-cooperative gaming network and
uses the mechanism of arbitrage and two-way options to determine
the final price. NEST Oracle also introduces random information based
on decentralized price flows on the chain.

What is NEST Oracle?

Impeccable Technical

  • Nodeless

    Nodeless and permissionless quotation

  • Accuracy

    Reflect the real market price

  • Validation

    Any third party with no threshold

  • Stable

    Stablelized price informations reduce risks

  • Flexibility

    Free to entry or exit

  • Anti - Attack

    High cost to tamper the price

How does NEST Oracle work?

  • Create Channel

    Anyone can create a channel. Open a decentralized oracle with one click.

    Create your channel
  • Price Quote

    Anyone can make a price quote on the chain after pledging some tokens. Quotes will be rewarded and deviations from the quote will be arbitrated.

    How to quote
  • Verification

    During the validation period (T0), anyone can validate the price. If there is a deviation from the correct price, the verifier can question the price and choose to trade either valuation or quotation asset, and then the verifier has to quote a new price.

    How to verify
  • Effective Price

    If a price is not arbitrated during the verification period(T0), this price is the effective price and anyone can use this price for free.

    How to call
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