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What can NEST Protocol do

What is NEST Protocol?

Overview of NEST

What is NEST Protocol?

The NEST Protocol is a decentralized trading infrastructure known as the martingale network. NEST uses smart contracts to eliminate market markers and LPs while providing traders with nearly infinite liquidity through risk sharing.

NEST Protocol includes three modules: NEST Oracle, NEST Assets, and NESTcraft. NEST Oracle provides decentralized on-chain prices. NEST Assets are generated and burned by NEST smart contract, and provide currency units for martingale transactions on NEST. NESTcraft converts various on-chain random sources into a super martingale function library and provides a variety of customizable martingale trading options.

The NEST protocol can be used for a variety of purposes, including decentralized contract exchanges, financial derivatives supermarkets, on-chain and off-chain risk hedging, the economic framework of Metaverse and GameFi, lottery, prop synthesis, and a few others.

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