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The first round of sales for NEST's NFT Cyber Ink on 11 November has ended! Why is Cyber lnk so popular, and does Cyber Ink have any background? Is there any breakthrough in Cyber technology?

  1. Cyber Ink NFT is created by the NEST team.

  2. NEST team created a completely decentralized NEST Oracle, as well as computable finance Cofix, Parasset, Fort, and received investment from Huobi, Dragonfly, Coinbase, etc. The industry endorsement is very strong.

  3. The style of Cyber Ink NFT was inspired by the Shanghai New Ink Painters, we hope to use ink rhythm to show the cyber civilization, which is an extremely avant-garde creative concept that no one has tried before.

  4. The core value of Cyber Ink NFT comes from the chain, where NFTs will be obtained on a probabilistic basis, and some NFTs will be generated in a synthetic manner, where each NFT may be synthetic material and the generation process is fully traceable on the chain.

  5. We provide a new auction mechanism. In the future, any participant in the auction or trade of NFTs in the NEST system will have their data empowered for that NFT.

  6. NFT holders will receive certain community rewards, and when synthesis is opened, it will generate probabilistic excess returns, creating a huge payoff.

  7. Holding NFT later can also be used for mortgage to obtain NEST, or future sale to DAO to obtain NEST (to be opened)