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NEST Protocol partners with UTU.ONE to seek and create more opportunities in DAO governance

NEST Protocol is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with UTU.ONE, the world’s first mobile app that provides a full suite of DAO governance tools. UTU.ONE values the uniquely secure way that NEST Protocol brings real-world price data into the DeFi ecosystem.

The two brands both respect the user’s privacy and security of their assets; therefore, we have sahred a tacit understanding at a very early stage on protecting every account’s equity and security by using authentication systems.

The strategic partnership will fuel the growth of companies by utilizing the UTU.ONE. Today’s partnership aims to make a foreseeable and significant value boost to reach a positive impact on the NEST ecosystem. Meanwhile, the completed integration with NEST Protocol will bring a secure and verified distributed oracle network to power the rapidly growing DeFi at UTU.ONE.

It enables the two companies to continue paving the future of Web3 blockchain projects by building and solidifying an essential infrastructure to further develop the communities’ ecosystem. The deep collaboration of high-throughput decentralized oracle technology with DAO governance and NFT marketing platform will fuel the next wave of blockchain adoption.

“A sustainable success of a blockchain initiative always requires a strong security and an effective connection between on-chain and off-chain world. UTU.ONE and NEST Protocol, we have faith in mutually creating a positive and beneficial synergy for the communities of crypto users.”

— Stephan Zhang, Co-founder @ UTU.ONE

“As more and more Dapps integrate with NEST Oracle’s DeFi use case, there is a significant increase in user demand for accurate on-chain data. We are excited to support “positively disruptive” projects like UTU.ONE. The partnership is a historic step towards Web 3.0 and will provide confidence to the crypto community.”

— James Zhao, Co-Founder @NESTProtocol


UTU.ONE is the world’s first mobile app that allows anyone to create their DAOs and participate in other communities’ success. Its key innovations include a well-designed token economy system that interconnects gated communities, an integrated payment system to facilitate trades using fiat money, a community-owned NFT marketplace and revenue share, and a full suite of DAO governance tools.

You can understand that UTU=DAO + Opensea + Metamask + Uniswap + DeFi + Discord + Twitter. UTU.ONE aims to scale the benefits of DAOs to the masses and realize the real sharing economy among each user.

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About NEST Protocol

NEST protocol is a decentralized price oracle network that solves the price problem on-chain through a decentralized incentive scheme. NEST Protocol is deployed on multi-chain, including Ethereum/Polygon/BNB Chian, and is powered by NEST token. With a unique quotation mining mechanism, the NEST protocol provides an on-chain generated price data solution — a distributed incentive scheme for the industry problem of a lack of price facts on the blockchain. NEST has many pioneering features; highlight includes collateral asset quotation, arbitrage verification, price chain, beta coefficients, and other modules to form a complete NEST-Protocol.

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