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Coinbase Announces Planned Listing of Tokens, Adds $NEST

On Monday, Coinbase, a leading American cryptocurrency exchange, announced that it would list six tokens on its system as a part of Coinbase's "roadmap" for listing new tokens.

Six Tokens Ready For Listing On Coinbase

The exchange announced that it would list Raydium with five other currencies based on Ethereum: Celer Network, Nest Protocol, Stargate Finance, SuperRare, and TE-Food. According to Coinbase, the exchange may reverse moves to list them. Consequently, the trading platform advised prospective investors to hold off on making purchases or selling any tokens until they list the assets on the market. Before listing a cryptocurrency, Coinbase claimed that it does not consider the token's market capitalization or popularity. Coinbase states that some conditions must be met before a token can be listed, including meeting its "standard for legal, compliance, and technological security." The cryptocurrency exchange further stated that if a token does not match the conditions, it would not be listed. The absence of sufficient information on the asset is another factor that could prevent a token from being listed when users anticipate it. It is also important to note that Coinbase may remove listed tokens if they fail to meet the criteria.

Nest Protocol Now Listed As "Experimental Asset" On Coinbase

The native token of the Ethereum-based price prediction platform, Nest Protocol ($NEST), has been added to Coinbase's list of experimental assets. New assets and assets with little trading activity are referred to as experimental assets on the Coinbase platform. These assets can be located in the platform's Asset Directory.